Oral Surgery

While, ideally, we’d all keep our natural teeth healthy for life, sometimes circumstances require an oral surgical procedure to restore proper function and prevent further issues. At Prewitt Dental, our team of skilled dentists provides a comprehensive range of oral surgical services in Sanger using the latest techniques and technology. Dr. Randy Prewitt, Dr. Timothy Prewitt, and Dr. Quincy Sofowora have extensive training and experience in all aspects of oral surgery. With our gentle, precision approach, you can feel confident about getting the highest quality surgical care right here in Sanger.

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery encompasses any procedure performed on the mouth, jaws, teeth, gums, or other structures. It involves precisely cutting and manipulating the hard and soft tissues as necessary to extract teeth, treat disease, repair injuries, reconstruct oral anatomy, or optimize oral function and health.

While your general dentist performs certain basic oral surgeries like routine tooth extractions, many procedures require the skills of an extensively trained oral surgeon. Thanks to modern techniques and technology, most oral surgeries today are minimally invasive with faster healing times.

When Might I Need Oral Surgery?

There are many different situations in which we may recommend oral surgery, including:

  • Remedying impacted teeth that can’t erupt properly
  • Extracting severely damaged or non-restorable teeth
  • Exposing teeth that haven’t erupted yet for orthodontic treatment
  • Removing cysts, tumors, or other abnormal growths
  • Treating gum disease or jawbone defects
  • Repairing facial trauma or injury
  • Placing dental implants
  • Correcting congenital defects or functional abnormalities
  • Jaw/bite realignment or reconstructive surgery

Our doctors have the experience and advanced surgical capabilities to treat all of these cases and more. We also regularly assist other dentists with more complex surgical procedures.

Our Oral Surgery Services

At Prewitt Dental, our dentists provide the following oral surgery services:

Tooth Extractions: From routine to complex extractions of impacted wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Managing impacted wisdom teeth that threaten oral health.

Impacted Tooth Exposure: Exposing and bracketing impacted teeth for orthodontics.

Soft Tissue Grafting: Using gum grafts to improve gum health and tooth coverage.

Bone Grafting: Replenishing lost jawbone structure for dental implant stability.

We utilize the most precise, minimally invasive surgical methods along with sedation options to ensure you remain completely comfortable throughout your treatment.

How Can I Prepare for Oral Surgery?

Be sure to provide our surgical team with a full health history, including all medications and supplements you take. It would help if you avoided smoking before and after surgery to promote proper healing.

We will provide specific pre-operative instructions covering things like:

  • Food and drink restrictions
  • Personal care and hygiene procedures
  • Medications to continue or discontinue temporarily
  • Sedation guidance, if applicable
  • Making transportation arrangements

What is Recovery Like After Oral Surgery?

The recovery process varies based on the specifics of your surgery, but in general, you can expect some degree of:

  • Swelling and discomfort: Apply ice and take prescribed medication as directed
  • Activity restrictions: Plan to rest for the first 24-48 hours, limiting activity
  • Dietary modifications: Stick to soft foods and liquids until healing progresses
  • Special hygiene: Instructions for cleaning the surgical site to avoid infection
  • Follow-up appointments: To monitor healing and change dressings if needed

It’s essential to follow all post-operative instructions from our surgical team to ensure a smooth, successful recovery. Most patients find the experience far easier than they expected thanks to our advanced surgical techniques and focus on patient comfort.

Get Expert Oral Surgery in Sanger

If you or a loved one need oral surgery in the Sanger area, you can rely on Prewitt Dental for precise, skilled surgical treatment and compassionate support every step of the way. Our doctors are specially trained in all aspects of oral and maxillofacial surgery with a gentle, modern approach.

Dr. Randy Prewitt, Dr. Timothy Prewitt, and Dr. Quincy Sofowora are committed to delivering an exceptional patient experience from your first consultation through your recovery. We view oral surgery as a true partnership, taking the time to understand your unique needs and make you feel completely at ease. Don’t risk your oral health by delaying needed surgical treatment. Contact Prewitt Dental today to schedule a consultation and have our knowledgeable team answer your questions.